Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions

AQS IT Solutions is an award-winning custom software development company and providing the best quality custom software development services. Being a leading software development agency we deliver high-quality software consulting services. Either you are looking for a bespoke software development company in Dubai, Qatar, UAE, USA, or in Qatar, we are the best choice software solutions company worldwide.

We are an award-winning software development agency. AQS IT Solutions has a team of Desktop application experts which loop on the latest in software technologies to convert your dreams of express service to your customers into reality. We help everyone who wants desktop or web applications. It doesn’t matter if you have just a software idea, if it is a solid one, we can help you with cross-platform and platform-specific desktop application development services. Why is it a good idea to have a desktop application? There is nothing better to outdo competitors and to get the customer loyalty and an authentication stamp on your business. Top web development agencies always possess a great team of software developers which can help you lay down your idea of building an amazing, user-friendly website. Here at AQS IT Solutions, Being a leading Software and web development company in Pakistan, we have an amazing, professional team of software developers who can build your software developing dream into reality and assure you satisfaction with the end result.

To handle the team, your workforce and the projects that are being assigned and done without your organization is a task and half. With enterprise software, it becomes a lot easier to solve a company-wide problem and to marginalize the tasks that would have otherwise been neglected for the last moment. It increases productivity, efficiency and logic-support functionality. We build the software for you across the major departments including; Accounting Software, Billing Management, Customer Relationship Management and Content Management System.

AQS IT Solutions deliver effusively managed and versatile Custom Software Development Services to establishments belonging to various fields. Be it a learning management system or an Ecommerce application or a customized software for your business, we will deliver modified software solutions created just for your company to rise speedily to success. Our iterated and quick-moving procedure guarantees we test products and deliver them in swift dashes.

Our Proficiency

Front End Development

We project and create collaborative consumer facing applications that are highly responsive and built-in which provides a fantastic experience to your business’s customers.

Backend Development

We have vast knowledge in PHP contexts in addition to React to build and expand applications from corner to corner in numerous fields and segments.

Custom Content Management System

We have professionals who possess immense knowledge in custom content management system development to assist you in producing and organizing applications, ecommerce stores or websites.

Custom Ecommerce Development

Our professional team is immensely proficient in developing custom ecommerce applications. Whatever you need or require a custom solution, our team will deliver it to you in the best quality.


Do you want to build a Software -as-a-Service product where customers can do payment on a subscription mode? We are here to help you in producing a SaaS platform which has built-in constructed attributes.


When it comes to developing a B2B or B2C product, our expert Product Directors will add their extra efforts in working with you diligently to project the solution and improve by means of the newest technologies.

Our Services

Product Consulting

By using the latest approach, such as user stories, solution design and user research, our expert product directors can assist you in detecting and processing the scope. If you are thinking of a product idea, or tackling a business challenge that must be taken care of then we are ready to help you.

Solution Prototype

In order to evaluate your product in its early stages and to help you in making the product of an excellent quality to dodge any latent issues, user research and developing prototypes is the perfect process to do your product testing. We use the best and reliable methods to test out the products and ensure their quality is excellent.

Custom Software Product Development

Our product development technique is highly flexible and makes sure we improve the scope iteratively, with the purpose of providing it in exacting deadline. Our endwise product organization makes certain that we can produce outcomes quickly with active communication.

Support and Maintenance

We offer circumspect intervals and supplies sustenance and conservation facilities to make sure your applications function effortlessly while you can keep an eye on your business and relax.